Want To Sell? No Problem!

Selling in SGEXAMGURU has never been so easy. Read our top features before uploading your study notes!

Fully Automated System.

Our system allows you to sell your notes automatically. This means that once you upload your notes, buyers can purchase the notes and download instantly once payment is done. The money will then be transferred to your wallet which you can withdraw (minimum withdrawal is $50).

Custom Watermark.

We know you put in effort in making your notes. So, we added this custom watermarking feature to protect your notes. Whenever a buyer purchase your notes, a security QR code will be printed on the document, which we can trace and identify the owner.

Upload Once, Earn A Lifetime.

Upload your notes once and you can start earning money from your notes forever. For every sales of your notes, your money will be transferred to our internal wallet system. We handle all payment and taxes and only charge a fee when you sell your notes ($0.80 + 35%).

Supreme Support System.

We value your buyers. Hence, for every study notes you upload, there will be a support forum automatically created for each product. Buyers can post questions and you can answer them. Anyone can view your response, so you don’t have to answer the same question twice