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O Level English Notes


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O Level English Notes

  • Latest syllabus 1128 O Level English syllabus complete notes. More emphasis on inferential questions for Section B in Paper 2 and expository essays for Paper 1.
  • Suitable for students taking O Level English 1128 English in 2017 and 2018.
  • The notes includes:
  • 1) Editing tips- how to spot errors quickly.
  • 2) Situational Writing tips- how to write effectively to score the maximum marks for task fulfillment.
  • 3)Expository (argumentative and discursive) and narrative writing tips- the writing format and structure. Helps to write your essays in an organized and coherent manner.
  • 4)Visual text tips- how to answer commonly asked visual text questions, such as the effect questions and main purpose. This can help you to secure a 4 (or 5) for your visual text.
  • 5)Comprehension answering techniques- This set of notes include tips and answering format needed to tackle the commonly asked questions for O Level English, such as the inferential and language use questions. This set of notes also includes the extract of the O Level markers report, so that you are aware of what the O Level markers are looking out for.
  • 6)Summary tips- how to identify accurate points and paraphrase them to get the most marks in this section. Tips such as the use of sign posting are also included.

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Why buy the O Level English Notes?

  • In the O Level English 1128 syllabus, there is a heavy emphasis on inferential, language use and expository questions. This is unlike the previous syllabus, where most of the questions are straight forward, as there are more factual questions. Thus, to score high marks for your latest syllabus O Level English exams, it is of profound importance that you use good, useful and really effective notes to help you, such that you can get A1 for you O Level English.
  • English is the most important subject in the L1R5 grading system, thus it is extremely important that you practice English more and in a smart way. Therefore, you are strongly advised to purchase the Sec 4 English Exam Papers and the O Level English Notes, as both of them can work hand in hand to help you achieve remarkable results for your O Level English.


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