2016 Sec 4 POA exam papers
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2016 Sec 4 POA Exam Papers

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Product Description

2016 Sec 4 POA Exam Papers

  • Latest 2016 Sec 4 POA exam papers with reliable answer keys from top schools.
  • Suitable for Sec 4 O Level students taking POA in 2017 and 2018.
  • Soft copy in PDF format.

Sec 4 POA Exam Papers Add-ons

  • O Level POA Complete Notes

Why buy and practice Sec 4 POA test papers?

  • These papers are set by school teachers who are very experienced, the questions are challenging enough to prepare you to get a distinction in your O Level POA.
  • Furthermore, there are reliable answer keys to learn from. You can learn from your mistake and improve yourself.
  • The only way to excel in O Level POA is through much practices, thus it is highly important that you purchase the notes and paper together as they will work hand in hand to help you score your A1!

Schools for 2016 Sec 4 POA Exam Papers

​1 Yuan Ching Secondary School (2015)
2 Balestier Hill Secondary School (2016)
3 Hougang Secondary School (2016)
4 Riverside Secondary School (2016)


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